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The Barca Name is an Age Old Family Name and Tradition in Vintage Wine-Making For Several Centuries
Since 1881 in California and in Italy for Several Past Centuries

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Since the 1950's George Gino Barca has created and invented several brand names and trademarks for other large wineries, and food companies, for the wine and food business, in the USA, Italy and around the World.

Barca International & Italian Wines, Trademarks/Brands,
USA, Italy & Around the World

Brand Names
Americo Vespucci
Andrea Doria
Carlo Goldoni
Enrico Caruso
George Gino Barca

Brand Names
Giacomo Puccini
Gino Barca
Giuseppe Garibaldi
Giuseppe Mazini
Giuseppe Verdi
Gold Valley
Gold Ridge
Julius Caesar
Leonardo Da Vinci

Brand Names
Luigi Galvani
Marco Polo
Napa Oaks
Napa Royal
Niccolo Pagnini

Brand Names
Prima Bella
Roman Crest
St. Jude
Venus De Milo
American Foods
American Brands
Tastee Brands
Age Wood
Autumn Oaks
Barca Vineyards
Blossom Mountain
Blossom Valley
Bondi Cellars
California Wine
Capri Cellars
Carollo Cellars
Cassara Cellars
Castle Peak
Crown Cellars
Crown Colony
Crown Mountain
Crown Oaks
Crown Ridge
Crown Valley
Crown Vines
Crystal Bay
Crystal Cellars
Crystal Colony
Crystal Oaks
Crystal Peak
Crystal Valley
Crystal Vines
Diamond Blossom
Diamond Cellars
Diamond Crown
Diamond Oaks
Diamond Peak
Diamond Ridge

Emerald Cellars
Emerald Oaks
Emerald Vines
Fabiano Cellars
French Colony
French Oak
French Vines

Gino Barca
Gold Blossom
Gold Canyon
Gold Castle
Gold Cellars
Gold Colony
Gold Crest
Gold Crown
Gold Oaks
Gold Peak
Gold Royal
Gold Stone
Gold Vines
Grand Castle
Grand Grown
Grand Mountain
Grand Oaks
Grand Ridge
Granite Castle
Granite Cellars
Granite Colony
Granite Mountain
Granite Oaks
Granite Peak
Granite Ridge
Granite Stone
Granite Valley
Granite Vines
Home Cellars
Iron Mountain
Iron Oaks

Iron Stone
Italia Cellars
Italian California
Italian Castle
Italian Colony
Italian Crest
Italian Crown
Italian Oak
Italian Peak
Italian Stone
Italian Villa
Italian Vines
Italian Wine
Leonardo Da Vinci
Louis Petri
Mandella Cellars
Marsala Cellars
Mountain Cellars
Mountain Peak
Napa Castle
Napa Colony
Napa Crown
Napa Peak
Napa Sonoma-Mendicino
Napa Valley
Napa Valley Hills
Napa Valley Mountain
Napa Valley Vines
Napa Vines
Napa Wine Cellars
Oak Age
Oak Blossom
Oak Castle
Oak Cellars
Oak Colony
Oak Mountain
Oak Vines
Oak Wood
Peak Cellars

Piana Cellars
Ridge Peak
Roma Cellars
Roman Castle
Roman Cellars
Roman Crown
Roman Hills
Roman Mountain
Roman Peak
Roman Ridge
Rose Blossom
Royal Blossom
Royal Castle
Royal Mountain
Royal Oaks
Royal Peak
Royal Ridge
Royal Valley
Salerno Cellars
Sicilia Cellars
Silver Blossom
Silver Cellars
Silver Colony
Silver Crest
Silver Crown
Silver Hills
Silver Peak
Silver Vines
Sonoma Colony
Sonoma Vines
Stone Castle
Stone Cellars
Stone Ridge
Valley Mountain
Valley Oaks
Valley Peak
Valley Ridge
Vintage Cellars

Barca International Wineries & Vineyards U.S.A. is in a position help you with you with Brands and Trademarks from around the world.
Barca is also in a position to help you with private labels and mergers for a certain fee amount. If you are interested in the services
of Barca International, U.S.A.& Italy
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